Trinidad & Tobago Dear God and Gracious God

We come to you today in thanksgiving for our brothers and sisters at Resale with a Purpose.  For many years they have been your hands, eyes, and heart in Tomball. Through them, we feel your love.  Through them, your goodness is shared. Through them, healing occurs. We pray that our community will increasingly support Resale with a Purpose.  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit we thank you for all the volunteers who work so hard and lovingly to help build up the Body of Christ in our area. We pray that all who have been blessed by Resale with a Purpose will extend that blessing to others in order that Your goodness will continue to grow.  May Your most abundant blessing be with Resale with a Purpose. We pray this in Your name. In the name of the Father, in the name of the Son, in the name of the Holy Spirit, AMEN – Decon Pat Hancock